AD(H)D – open discussion (video)

We all know it was over diagnosed but we don’t all know that it was misunderstood. A “condition” indeed? It begs the question; What DO you do with an ADD brain?


5 thoughts on “AD(H)D – open discussion (video)

  1. Al Rashid says:

    Hey 🙂 I’ll try to give my impressions of the matter going from what I know. There are those who would classify it as a disorder, and those who would, as you said, tell you that you ” just need to this and that”. Or both. Personally, despite how I would recognize it as a disorder doesn’t mean you or I are completely hopeless, even though our situations feel more desperate. I believe many people who are have ADD/ADHD can lead very successful and productive lives. It’s a matter of finding your “hook” in the world, aswell as coping with the rough times. But as someone who suffers with it, I know that it can be tough to get through those rough times. I’m trying to read the Epic of Gilgamesh right now, a rather short, flowing Epic Poem, but I can’t bring myself to complete it suddenly. I can’t find myself having the right means to sit down and set my mind to it. Usually I get things done out of being spontaneous. Even then, it’s a matter of timing and being motivated enough to attempt starting the first step. You can tell I’m a bit disorganized. Heck I’m still watching the video as I’m writing this… 😛 But yeah 🙂 I think there is hope for people like us. Keep up the good work.


    • A matter of finding your hook in the world

      You think? I’m trying to find examples here. Other than affectionate hooks (emotions, not very relevant) I think there is near nothing I can do continuously and be happy. I feel trapped as soon as I am hooked into something. I think in such a branched out untamed way that I would practically not want it to be otherwise. A hook. A career choice? What could people like us possibly feel free doing?

      In my recent conversations it comes more and more to the point of having to accept to limit the expectations you have of life. I don’t mean this t be depressing, I’m sure there’s more to it than stoping here (man, there has to be) but let’s say these videos are hard not to relate to, for example:

      Onism. That’s where I’m at. Too far? Maybe. I’m not satisfied with trapping my mind the way it seems to be required to in order to be a part of modern culture. Safe. Nourished. More importantly, capable of being generally content. I understand being happy isn’t always possible. Balanced might be what I’m getting at.

      That’s where I stop believing in the idea of safety and balance. When these people invent words like “Onism”

      It’s a landmark, though. A little island to step on and take a breather. Maybe I need to take my research farther?

      – – –

      Whether one would want to think differently is trailing off a little. I don’t feel comfortable with the idea, but I’m beginning to seriously question it’s ability to change. The smartest people I know tell me it can be. Your opinion seems to be that it’s a matter of being different, not necessarily malfunctioning, and being left out as a result of that, in other words nurture, not nature, and it comes down to the same thing. I don’t know enough to be able to tell.

      I did have an interesting experience this weekend, though. I was “forced” (haha) to use my mind to see a pattern and build something with popsicle sticks. I absolutely hated it. It reminded me of activities they’d have us do during religious/ethics classes, if we were that special ADD kid from class-whatever. A little room where they’d use tests to try and improve our abilities to think. We sucked man.

      Back to the recent experience. I started to see the pattern. I realised that putting myself “in the zone” as this person put it was indeed possible but what was more important a realisation to me was just noticing how bad my self esteem was and how much it made me emotional and deconcentrated.

      I’ not trying to randomly express myself. I mean to wonder if self esteem and emotions are at the root of the “lazy” or “spoiled” attention span, fleeting a conflict with yourself at an intimate level.

      Just another question.

      – An Entire Person


  2. Al Rashid says:

    What I mean by a hook, not necessarily limited to a career choice but one that we can work into a possible career. And although you need an example, the best I can give is someone like Kurt Cobain (an altogether unhappy person at times), using his music as a creative outlet. Going on a journey of self discovery may be a helpful task. Happiness can be elusive and frustrating to obtain, and it’s like catching a little ant in your hand, only to slip out of them a few seconds later. I don’t have all the answers and I’m severely unhappy myself.

    There may not be a solution as far as finding the perfect happiness but maybe catharsis is a better example? Maybe a sort of transformation, a philosophical alchemy process? What I mean by that is, finding a means to cope with the sadness, the apathy and the boredom, and turning into something better.

    ADD/ADHD can be a definite source of depression, if you can’t find such examples to help make the burden easier. I’ve yet to discover them entirely, but that’s the journey for people like us to have. I don’t know if the answers lie in meds, or in therapy or whatever. But I’m certainly struggling in my own ways.

    That Onism video makes me sad because it really seems to apply to me. 😦 Yeah, I ask those questions very often and at my age, I feel like I accomplished very little in the amount of time that I’ve been alive. I feel like the least successful person I know. Bleeeh 😦

    Maybe the desire to be continuously happy, as I said before, is too difficult to obtain. Not that being miserable is a better alternative, but the state of perfect happiness, a state of perfection is unobtainable. Just to put things in perspective, (not to minimize your pain and struggles): death and conflict surrounds us entirely. Some people barely live anything resembling our lives. Starving in a puddle of mud. Perhaps dying at an early age, or worse.

    We, the people who can make a difference in our lives, need to make the choices to help our survival and endurance last, as well as making our lives a little less mundane, depressive and painful. There’s definitely a solution, but I don’t think perfect happiness is one of them, not that’s what you necessarily wanted.

    If you can’t do something continuously, like read many books consistently, what I try to do is break it up into smaller goals or take on practical challenges for myself. Read a smaller book than one that spans 500 pages. Or make one drawing rather than 7 in a day. It’s no where near as fulfilling but the best I can do for now, until we can get over this depressive hump.

    Maybe it’s not even so much that you have the inability due to ADD/ADHD, so much as the depression making it worse?

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  3. videos like this have changed the way I think and feel. You don’t have to be into Buddhism to learn from it:

    I think this 20 minute video, even if just up to a certain point, is worth anyone’s time. It resumes something that makes allot of sense and it is so relevant to life. (in my opinion)

    I find that it puts the way you hesitate on how to word, and presents it from a pretty relatable prospective. Matthieu Ricard. I haven’t looked him up but his videos appeal to me. They both make sense and are warm.

    This way of thinking often leads me to unselfishness and the idea of “karma”. I say “idea” because I’m hiding. It’s bold to say such taboo words especially when you can’t say that you’re an expert on them yourself! But karma is what makes the most sense to me lately. I’m not over-attaching myself to the keyword – I really mean the concept.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but karma leads me to the survival of the human race. Evolution. I don’t know if imagining a doughnut-shaped 4th dimension means “LAY OFF THE OVER-THINKING (you have no idea what you’re doing)” but – my point is…

    My point comes together also with the idea that security seems to be ying-yanged with freedom. More security, less freedom. More freedom, less security. Allot about life as an individual seems difficult because we have choice, creativity, deviation. Individuality. We’re victims of it man we can’t help it. But allot makes sense sometimes if you step out of self-centered mentalities.

    You might be wondering why I’m talking about security and freedom. In my experiences with my feelings and people around me lately, being a particularly sensitive person very much lacking in sense of security, I noticed that my security system and emotions are connected and different experiences with other people kind of poke at it in weird ways I can take notes from. People surprise you, they are boring and fascinating. But they are diverse and in this there is choice. Choice is freedom. A grey area.

    Hitting rock bottom makes you a very frale thing. It makes you “require” help. If you’re like me, you appreciate the help in a way you want to understand. Learn how to give in the ways that others give to you.

    I tried giving in ways I couldn’t relate. Giving things to people I couldn’t give myself. No, I’m not the best at empowering people. I’m very weak on my own.

    However I like to relate to people. The reason for this is that this is mostly what I lack in my life, it’s mostly what I appreciate receiving and therefore it is my brand of generosity. A non-selfishness you can understand is still not total unselfishness, but total unselfishness… is not something I’m ready to tackle. Not many people seem to believe in it anyway. (a subject for another time)(though: original creativity doesn’t… seem? to exist. That alone seems to be the Band-Aid to this situation in my opinion so far.)

    An ability to relate is related to your sense of security. A sense of security is necessary for you to be. To function and not lose your mind and die. (yes?)

    We contribute to each other’s senses of security and require that same ability to relate, at least a bit. We require at the very least examples, otherwise we’re the first human on earth, square 1. Good luck with that, newborn.

    We’re talking about ADD, about insatisfaction, about happiness and about a sense of security. I’ve covered all of these, we’ve covered all of these, yet here I am looking at it all still uncertain on how we’re supposed to proceed.

    I feel it might be stupid and lazy (though actually perhaps the opposite) to say that we are a cycle, yes, but as individuals, we simply have to live a life of decision after decision to make. And that our feelings rely on our bodies and minds. They way we react to everything is contained in this, the rest is particular to itself.

    What the hell did I just do.

    (someone pull me out!)

    – – –

    This is just one reason why conversation is so important to me.

    Why does it stop here? What’s next?

    Suffer the consequences of your decisions? Use the tools available to you to do so and good luck with that? Here, have a gold star? Sure, you can be the best Pokémon trainer, champ. (metaphors getting out of hand)

    Accepting to end my reply on the idea of “yes, that’s about it”, here’s a funny cartoon.

    1> http://soyourlifeismeaningless.com/comics/2013-09-10-A-Prayer.png

    2 > http://soyourlifeismeaningless.com/comics/2013-09-10-A-Prayer.png

    – – –

    A sense of fulfilment is a fairly unchanging reaction to an ever changing circumstance through the illusion of it’s structure?

    Eh, humanity. Y u so complicate.


  4. Al Rashid says:

    Lately I’ve been exposing myself to “darker” views of the world. Friedrich Nietzsche, Anton LaVey and such in particular. I guess I gravitate towards them, in this case, for wanting more out of the physical world instead of abandoning my life and real goals to empty “spiritual” pursues. My point being, I try to set realistic goals and pleasures in the present. I don’t try to push myself above my limitations or kick myself in the ass for not doing as much as “everyone else expects me to do”. I just wanted to point this out so that you can get an impression of what I’m like now.

    *My point comes together also with the idea that security seems to be ying-yanged with freedom. More security, less freedom. More freedom, less security. Allot about life as an individual seems difficult because we have choice, creativity, deviation. Individuality. We’re victims of it man we can’t help it. But allot makes sense sometimes if you step out of self-centered mentalities.* <— Good stuff 🙂 I am pleased with your wisdom and view security and freedom.

    I like that you put emphasis on choice. Choice is very important to me. As well as the ideas of freedom and security. I struggle in both areas. I'm not a very secure person. Perhaps more of a freedom lover, yet someone who doesn't experience much personal freedom due to insecurity. I do yearn for freedom and the promise of security. If that all even makes sense. I'm scatter brained right now 😛

    I've definitely hit rock bottom. I don't like that feeling of desperateness. Again, it takes away from the freedom of living and the security of knowing where you're going to end up.

    Eh, who knows where we're supposed to go from here. I think we certainly have some good ideas and understanding of our surroundings. Maybe things seem worse than they actually are, and we're just feeling a little neurotic? Being neurotic makes you feel like you can't do anything on your own. I can only speak for myself. I am not so sure about others like me. On one hand I'm trying to break out of this worrying and just take more risks, push forward and have fun with my life. On the other, I'm constantly worried like I will not have enough time to do anything.

    (Too much venting, bleeeh)

    Anyways, I'll come back to this when I feel like I have more to contribute. 🙂

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