Could buddhism be wrong about…

The extent to which we should “feel” independant? Is loneliness not a natural human condition? Are we meant to live so coldly in the present? What warmth is there in simple independant functionality? Is it not in our nature to have “warm” feelings being exchanged between each other? To have a sense of being? Is this perhaps only possible for some and not for others, who ay a young age had too much heart wrenching abuse and abandonment?

Affection. Affection. Affection.

Skin. Smile. Eyes. Sex. Embrace. This is against our comfort? This warmth is not aloud to mend with safety? This is the only safety I understand. Sure, I know my body’s safe. My mind… My feelings… These I am insecure about. Always for the same reason. Love me and I will love you. But don’t unlove me, or love someone else more. This is the request that has been dictating my life, personally.

Any thoughts or comments?


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