If you keep testing yourself, you’ll keep failing.

if you keep leaving traps for sad or high tiff, you will continue to see her as a seperate entity.

Leaving traps / testing someone is something you so when you distrust it. If you could trust it, you would not be requiring these tests and traps.

You should bring halves together. Uncover the other tiff from real Tiff. Feel the other side. Go through it, rather. Go through * the other side. Walk along a path in the fantasy style nightmare. Walk on the broken glass. Crawl through things. Try not to burn from fires. Run away from hungry dogs. Get to know the town. You have to change it, anyway. For that you need to be aware of it and how it feels to you, what you want to change and why.

Rebuild it.

And join that with the calmness of buddhism. It promisses nothing, but calmness. Calmness is a path to concentration. You will need to be internally calm to concentrate better.

You will be calmer as you enter habit.

Next subject – habit…


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