c’est extremement difficil pour moi de garder mes pensees dans une place ou de ne pas etre distraite constament…

oui oui
le anapana vas aider avec ce reflexe je pense

mais comment pourait il m’aider si je ne suis pas comfortable avec le fait d’etre dans une place

peut etre que le confort se presenterait si j’essayait de garder ma tete dans une place

et si c’etait le contraire

ce serait mes pensees qui font de ca… je ne me souvient jamais de rien et je part toujours sur quelque chose. j’aimerait arreter de penser dans cette maniere. comment le faire? accepter le deconfort de l’impatience. accepter l’inconfort de l’impassience. comment accepter l’inconfort de l’impatience?

1 *************** faire face a l’inconfort de l’impatience (donc se rendre impatiente)

2- etre consciant de l’inconfort, l’accepter. Donc ne pas se concentrer sur le fait que ce n’est pas plaisant, mais plutot de retourner toujours a la meme place. la respiration

et si ca revient, on revient a la respiration. je comprendrai apres un certain temps que l’inconforrt est present, mais que le moins d’attention que je lui donne, le moins il est present.

the future will have to be different from the past. this is something we all must realise – that the past is something to accept because it is the past, because there is no control over it. i wasted my time so far – fine. im likely to continue wasting my time – not necesserily true, because the more i persist, the more there is habit, the less i am wasting my time.

et il n’est plus la.


One thought on “l’acceptance

  1. It would seem that the absense of thoughts is impossible, but the quieting of your thoughts to something, one thought, of your chosing, one direction of your chosing

    what determines whether you are bored on at peace? being disatisfied or satisfied with the confines of your thinking. how do you focus on one thing? is add real or no?

    ADD is said to be potentially a description of symptoms and not a brain thing. It would make sense.

    I have an issue with boredom, very specifically. It would seem that boredom is by definition being disatisfied with the lack of intellectual stimuli. what is intellectual stimuli? it is something that can be good or bad, but it is a thought evolving. I don’t understand how not to make things evolve.

    I don’t understand how to make my brain work in one place. I don’t understand it at all. I don’t trust that it is a thing I want. I don’t know that I want to be in control because i am addicted to running wild and free.

    Running wild and free isn’t working for me. Looking at things as a whole will get you no where. This is at the root of my memory problems.

    Boredom is a responce to things not moving along quickly enough. I don’t understand the point of staying in one thought because it is aknowledged – what’s next? why would I linger in something that I understand and aknowledge already?

    To build the experience relevant to it. What I want out of the lack of excessive thinking, is the ability to concentrate. It doesn’t mean that life has to be about watching your breath, not at all. But it has something to do with patience.

    Boredom and patience. What does patience have to do with boredom? This is hurting my mind. I am not remembering all the aspects I am thinking of. I can not do Vipassana – my thinking is excessively global and my emotions are strong and the thinking happens so fast I can’t seem to come back to origines. I forget them.

    It’s almost like… in order to do vipassana, I have to be fixed already. Or, I have to sit through it, yes, but remember what I am thinking, and not branch out too much. How can I remember what I am thinking and not branch out too much? Again, how is this going to help me feel good?

    It is going to allow me to do painful things while being able to endure them, thus it is going to turn painful things into an understandable exchange. What if it isn’t worth it to me? What if none of this is worth it to me? What if the exchange is excrutiating?

    That’s just it. Maybe it won’t be excrutiating when I create the habbit of accepting it.

    I’m turning in circles.


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