[ characters: Gaby, Cowboy, Trek, Sean ]
(oh what a lovely salad)

Gaby’s lips were covered in sticky eggs. Cowboy made her breakfast and she couldn’t simply let him go to work with a simple thank you. What a terrible looking day.

Gaby had always been terribly shy but her premiscuinity and perversion had lead her to a path that counters this fact, exceptionally. She was very comfortable around men because she felt she could sleep with them and sympathise on a human to human level should things play out nicely.

“I still find it easier to connect with a man you just screwed with than to connect with a woman in friendship,”

That would be something that’d make stand-alone mention-worthy sense if it was an understatement but unfortunately what this comment says about Gaby plain and simple is that she’s got issues – her mind could clearly be set in healthier directions.

If Gaby kept refering to the 8 years she spent isolated from society, she would continue having insanity-related alibys for her behaiors. From her point of view however – you did not require too strong a reason to say something is an attribute of yourself other than to simply observe yourself as you are. Gaby had a project she was zero-ing on. She was hoping that learning expressive honesty, non-hypocracy and curiosity would set her on a path enabling her to learn to want to move forward.

Emotional recovery is no one’s true-forte.

And so, it looked like a shitty day.

2 months of trying to keep a relationship that might be anchoring her into a neo-depression.

(as if there weren’t enough of a current of depression in a year for Gaby to constantly swim against – it would make more sense to say that once in a while, things were seemingly kind of okay – if she was lucky.)

This Gaby thing, this person, this girl, this being, this piece of crap. (…) grew up one step more: After 2 months of holding back on account of worry and plain honest care, this Gaby thing took a plunge.

She plucked a Trek off the ground.

The night before at bath time, the potential proposition was brought to light:

Cowboy: “Anyone but him though”



(Gaby was a piece of shit)

– This post-proporition proposition was apparently unnacceptable.(Should anyone happen to know of a hole in the ground that Gaby could dig herself into, do let me know through this post – it just so happens she’s looking for a place to burry her sad face into)

Decidedly, if a threat arises in Gaby’s (failure of an attempt at self-preservation), then everything was a threat to begin with – of course, because that would in turn mean that there was never a threat to begin with. It would be completely undecipherable amung the other threats . The human mind has an undesputably impresssive ability to stabilize itself around it’s perception of reality. You win the lottery, you break your leg, you’re still as happy and as unhappy as the next motherfucker.

( Gaby likes the fucking sound of that… )

So Cowboy makes her breakfast and leaves for work all frazzled again. There are a few angles she takes the time to see this situation in.

  • Angle A – Gaby is a terrible person
  • Angle B – Gaby has control over herself and knows who she is, what she wants and has a purpose in life that serves as a direct compass to he the decisions she makes in her range of daily actions

… Yeah, B would be nice.

Poor little cowboy, sitting in a tree.

K i c k i n g

Kicking the leaves with drags from a blunt. Thinking of a cunt. That’s me!

Would it be considered stupidity to be aware of what a person’s freedom is but not allow them to have it out of selfish want?

If the answer to this question could be “yes”, then Gaby would have to understand that she has been being “stupid” by her own definition for an entire year. Poor little Foster-fish trying to escape the net, just like this little Gaby-tard now. All is fair when Gaby is punished.


Sean threw some material at her that shook her up good for a few hours. If he’d have known the extent to which his words hurt her he’d likely not change his opinion. With reason – he was absolutely correct. She was a pussy. She did go around telling everyone she met, afterall – out of fair warning. Fair warning keeps awful comments like this at bay.  Maybe, Gaby thought, she should have someone make her feel horrible about herself more often. That way she could take a break from trying to create a reality within her circumstances and make constructive decisions for once.

When one is sick of being sickened by life, what does it take for them to discover taste, freedom, comfort and satisfaction? These feelings were rarely Gaby’s for the taking. Her mind was situated about 6 feet under the ground. There isn’t much light 6 feet under the ground.

We’ve got a Cowboy kicking leaves as he smokes. Made his sweetheart breakfast. A sweetheart who responds to a heart warming action like this with concerns about potential intimacies shared with other men going undigested is… a bad chocie of sweetheart.

Pseudo-consentuality used “being a bird that just took a bird-crap on your stupid-ass fucking head”

It is super effective

Gaby’s having a rotten time trying to fix her broken-ass rotten-ass life.

Cowboy kicking leaves, Trek not coming over to paint.

There’s coffee though – and eggs and saussages.

There’s weed though.

Weed is good.