Brief trip to Munchkin-land (own your shit)

Today Bleepman and I woke up at 6:30am to bring our fine asses to this free amusement parc outing for Phoenix youth. I thought I’d make up for being the most emotional person in the universe by bringing him to something potentially fun or funny. It’s apparently rewarding to be in my presence when an unordinary experience has me flailing about in randomness.

As it turns out, Phoenix youth is mostly young. (Derpy derp, wat m8) It is also treated like a high school classroom, as most of it’s yewts’ seem to be around 15 to 16 years of age. (We are 22 & 23) We’d gotten driven 2.5 hours away in a bus full of yanky-doodling noodle-butts. (No h8)(just not our flaming cup of cheese-tea)

Also, the amusement parc itself was for kids. (Haha, shit) – With only 2 rides slightly worthy of causing fear, I decided to relieve Bleepman of being the bored gentleman accompanying little miss smurfette & her poorly chosen activities.

I’m gonna be straight forward the way that young women like to indulge in – (direct and to-the-selfishly-exposed-point) – man, first thing I actually wanted to do was find the deepest bunch of trees to f*ck in. When your choice of surroundings is either a hand full of pumped (&well-paid) Youth Workers, Hyperactive teens or the many little Potato-lings running about below your hip level, I tell you what you do, I say go find a nice hidden place to have (nomadic coital activity).

& Then I found an abandoned zoo destroyed by a hurricane.

(Yes, I did.)

& on the 7th day we rested, & it was good.
(Distasteful bible quote-ing this bitch)

In the (tiny) ferris wheel, I very much enjoyed the feeling of slight ground-bound acceleration. Mostly I enjoyed the idea that if I were reading a book or doing homework in the seat I was in and this wheel was running for hours while I was in my bubble, it might feel like an acid trip. (Not that I would know)(You can claim anything on the internet in the good name of why not compare an experience to that of commonly known psychedelic drugs)

We also visited this beautiful beach in other outer-bounds. We sat there smoking cigarettes a passing someone kindly gave us upon enquiry.

I have to stop and say this was a beautiful, beautiful area. Hours from home, the trip there had been nothing but country land. Ocean horizon & dense forests carpeted about upon different levels, for the most part. Some farmers’ lands & houses every now and again. But for the most part – the open natural Canadian space, slight spray (rain) & dense white fog was beautiful and worthy of many pictures I couldn’t take. (My cellphone was dead)

So we sat there, smoked, then I sketched what I could see as quickly as I could, despite the lack of esteme I rightfully did and do have for my landscape sketching techniques. When you look at it generally though, the sketch at the top of this post isn’t half bad as a souvenir photo-replacement.

Also had time to quickly draw a dead crab shell:
More and more, I’m loving anything related to the ocean. The view, the aquatic life. I also happen to adore seafood. (Being broke & being gaga for seafood in Nova Scotia is admittedly kind of a shame) I like that I drew this, even if it isn’t nearly as nice at all as the finely detailed deadling actually in front of me on that ground.

Picked up a few little white seashells & trailed back, also picking up rocks and flowers. The lot of these natural freebies have been being kept for my window ledge. Most of them made it safe, having been dropped out of the front pocket of my overalls. (When a girl’s gotta pee)

(When I* gotta pee)

In the bus home, I snuck Bleepman a cookie that was offered to me by a Youth Worker (distributing a large batch, home-baked by his mom — for the group)(awww). Then I read a chapter of this book:

(About the cultural tendencies of happiness in some of the supposed statistically-happiest countries in the world)

Fell asleep on the chair next to Bleepman while he read his own book.


When I got home, someone left these roses for me on my dresser. It wasn’t Bleepman, but we think it’s this one fella that’s really nice to us, particularly my emo-self. When times are tough, he asks what’s up and takes me out for a smoke if he can. I used to sneak him snacks & painted him a note of kindness when some pricks were picking on him for watching anime.

A little sad Bleepman went to bed early. They steal our things in this shelter. They steal things in many shelters, but they do this every opportunity here. That, or someone’s got a paranoid & baseless grudge against us. Not speaking of this further – my point being, I ended up alone tonight, for the greater good of my not being exposed to such frustrations. I am a very sensitive dory-fish. Easily frightened. Even if all is good, I don’t like being suddenly alone.

On the bright side, my first video & twitter account are receiving some positive attention. Half-tempted to devote tomorrow to some intensive networking (internet-whoring)(not in the literal sense and not at all as bad as I make it sound) – that is, sending out attention & hunting allies to cooperate with on this vast intertubes-al area, so’s we can all get our part in. (Imagine a bazillion vultures)

On another bright side, I’m going to sleep in a new little dress a young girl lodging along with us on the ladies’ level offered me. It didn’t fit her and she thought I might like it. A cute, simple, flowy little frock. Feeling a little porcelain

(Woah – more twitter notifications? Gee, this is nice)

Well, while I’m at it, would anyone like to ad me on Twitter? If you’d like a follow-back, just mention your twitter username in the comments.

Thank you, & again, goodnight

– Gabrielle


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