Healthy diet food stack — (+ my reasons for being thankful)

Somehow I manage to put these meals together ( :








Might not look like much, but ( – )

> When I was in a Crisis center in a town called Sainte-Thérèse in Québec, I went hungry all the time from not having the type of foods around that I chose to eat to maintain my sanity in times when I would otherwise go nuts.

I’m not gong to talk about my deal with weight loss / weight maintenance in this article. It’s not something I flaunt, on the contrary. I prefer to keep quiet about my reasons & circumstances leading to these reasons when surrounded by people who’re simply going about their lives and eating whatever they fancy without a filter or even a thought. Still, I very much like to feel like a part of meal-times.

I will however non-shamefully say this.

We generally didn’t gather for food in my family till I was in my early adult years. (when my stay at home in itself was beginning to ‘expire’) We had “things” we could eat in supply. (Cook it yourself or too bad for you kind-of-thing.) It usually wasn’t cooked either, but rather cheap stuff that was to be defrosted or stuffed in the oven or microwave, or re-hydrated in a pot. (ex: Kraft Dinner) — When we did have a meal-time, I appreciated the opportunity to feel ‘normal’, like my friends, schoolmates, teachers, or even my grandmother. (A sense of normality being something valuable to me at the time) I was the one kid in my white-toast (french) school that absolutely loved cafeteria food.

I still feel especially warm about the idea of cooked / repaired meals. I love eating real food & making it for others. They probably enjoy the idea less than I think they do, but no one hates food cooked for them.

Well, I tend to assume so. Actually lots of people are very picky with their foods. My excuse is my diet, but I still don’t understand what other people’s excuses are with being very, very picky about what foods they eat. I encounter this often around me and it puzzles me.

Then there is poverty being the restriction between a person & the ability to feed themselves.

Just a few months ago back in Montreal, the people I was living with were too poor to afford any food sometimes. It wasn’t uncommon for us to give out our last supplies of canned this-or-that out of sympathy for our fellow starving human being.

Moving on, though! My point is a positive one.

I’m not proud of all the reasons why, but I do very much appreciate a meal. When this youth center serves foods I can’t touch, things people take for granted, like say, pasta — I am often overwhelmingly thankful for the opportunity to be supplied with the ingredients to make my own meals. I take picture of this stuff like a full-out god damn hipster. This stuff is gold. I am still not used to full access to fruits and vegetables!


Very very thankful.


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