Life got repaired. So here’s our new dog, Boss. Lil sleepin bawss. (High five to Filthy Frank fans)

Sick but so comfy
This thing is an angel, gather all and stare at my little chunk of flesh


“Why is beauty so valued in most societies?“ Evolution. Seems our idea of beauty is a mix…”

Why is beauty so valued in most societies?“

Evolution. Seems our idea of beauty is a mix between good genetics and our perception of perfection from a mathematical (or geometrical) stand point. For example, symmetry is often used in art depicting religion, a god, and so on. We find it godly that things could be equally proportioned, because that is the very basis for reliability and eternity and balance. We are made to improve and perfect and we apply this to each other, and breed based on that. I’d joke around and say that one day we will all be cover girls and lift off into the heavens in a perfect stream of evolutionary accomplishment. (lol)





Fairness vs Unfairness in  interactions between people: Protect goodness by sharing it?

Does giving out good in areas where you are receiving bad in return
define you as a strong and kind person, or does it define you as a
pathetic and weak person? Another question that can’t be answered, I
think. There are always two sides to these things. You shouldn’t endure
mistreatment and you should treat people as you would like to be
treated. What does real, tangible karma have to say about this? I
believe in a better world and better people. Better relationships
between people. I’m in no means saying I
believe in worldwide peace, Jesus Christ no! No such bloody thing man,
we’re freaking ANIMALS aren’t we? Our bodies are far smarter than we
are, that says to me that Evolution is the only truth I believe in. But –
– Because evolution has pushed us to have a mind and feelings and
choice and values, and because this world is very messy, I still believe
in projecting a reality to make a difference. If I see a better world, I
don’t make the world a perfect world. I make it somewhat better. Who
knows where the growth & butterfly effect of these things can take
us. How a buildup of little movements who recognize each other and their
proportion to the world collide, or mend. I love to paint the physics
of motion as I understand them a little better and better with time. I
feel the dance of matter and gravity in me. I live in a strange and
complicated world that is as dead as it is alive. I feel the same for