entireperson: It’s a bright and sunny day in Spring Gardens….


It’s a bright and sunny day in Spring Gardens. This is a public garden in the city, most would describe it as “beautiful.” – I sort of agree, but I don’t like how many city workers have to maintain this beauty. I guess you can’t expect these places to be 100% natural. Also, this park does not allow you to lay down. You read me correctly. I’m afraid I can’t respect a park where you can’t monkey around like a feral human-bean. Here people kind of just walk a slow and steady pace, briefly. A little Zen moment with themselves or with another. Can’t hate on that, though I do stick out sitting here alone with my unwashed hair & 3 heavy bags, + a little kangaroo plush sitting beside me for… “company”. (Pardon me, a little of my negativity may be showing. I’ll take care of that.)

In my school bag there is two [huge] piles’ worth of 2013 national geographic magazines. Most people take these for granted, like all it is is what it’s been used for, familiarly; dentist waiting room time-fillers you don’t want to read when you’re about to get your teeth drilled. The center I got them at said these magazines often end up in the trash. I’ve recently found myself a liking in these thin yellow things. (Here I go being [that] hipster!) – I got them for free, of course. They teach me about more than the type of thing I’d envy otherwise (like what it’s like to be free from financial limitations) Materialism can’t be a healthy focus for me, and at that, me of all people especially. These articles & their pictures take me beyond our known lifestyle into lands where people have been living drastically different since the beginning of humanity. Places where they describe us and the rest of the world as “run by computers and cars”. (<Because that’s got to be the best nutshell description I’ve ever heard of modern living)

My first month as a creative broadcaster on TWITCH: I’ve made a chat room full of regulars who enjoy me and the atmosphere they’ve also built  amung each other. They have a bot to play with (I’m completely new to this) & are now avidly gambling their accumulated “droplets” away (a point system I invented). Soon, I’ll even have have postcards to send out. As for the art, I’m producing art quicker than I normally would but still not going fast enough for my taste. It’s still a fair trade for being able to switch between projects whenever I feel like it. A refreshing control. Normally, I very rarely touched my art. I mainly spent my time looking to have something to do out in the town, where people are. Cabin fever is a very real thing for me, an insane one! So it’s a good thing that these broadcasts kick my ass into production.

Drunk Halloween was a bit allover the place. People loved it, but I didn’t get many new followers. They might have been intimidated by my drinking straight from the bottle. (Yeah, I’m definitely that kind of classy)

“When do you think this will pick up enough for you to have an income?” Someone asked me at the youth-center. (Youth… yeah, I am apparently still a “youth”.) I told her it had already begun. 111$ total has been donated to me in my first month, as well as two gifts. It’s started and I’m apparently doing pretty well for a beginner. Raven coaches me, & is now slowly kicking me off this digital nest he helped build mostly on his own. We are all thankful for his dedication to this… ME project. (*us all, but, you know.)

With my setup improving this is becoming more and more of a professional thing. The price of this improvement however is that this month *Raven & I will have no money to contribute to transportation & no money to contribute to food. Considering all we have at home is a bit of spices, a small can of tomato sauce, ¼ bag of potatoes and a bag of soup-breads (+a third of a box of cereal), this is going to be a month during which we will highly likely lose weight unless we can find free foods to add. This is my job now. I’m alone in the city today, sitting next to a soft little kangaroo plush rather than next to Raven sitting tall with his arm around my shoulders, because we only have so many bus tickets, and the center I am now returning to may provide me with at least some food. They’d kicked me out for their lunch-break, got me kind of feeling a little pathetic and rejected considering my waiting & the reason why I’m waiting, but writing this article on my new (PURPLE) laptop helped me feel connected to this now growing audience who like to hear from me & enjoy me as a person. If this is the case, then thank you kindly for reading, & welcome to my new personal blog. I will be writing here a plenty, I’ve always been one to write allot. And now, I’ll be walking back to that center for food. So far, I’m sure Raven will be happy that I have ingredients for coffee & Halloween sweets. So nice of this one woman to have walked in with two large trick-or-treat-bags to share with us “youths”. (<still not used to that, man I’m freaking old. Aint no teenager none, hahaha)

So talk to you soon,

-Gaby & Kangaroo


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