Looking Brighter

Raven, who normally follows me everywhere, is sleeping at the apartment. I took an early leave for what I decided was “blog weekend”, bus’d myself to the library in this rain, with two apples and some crackers. (And I am craving wine) … What poor person craves wine? (Me, today.) Look, it’s cold!


WHERE ARE THE HUMANS AT? • “Blog weekend”, it definitely sounds cheesy, but I’m making sure I have time to write & read at even just one point during the week, amidst a bit of painting, but mostly very boring mass-networking. You know when you get spammed on Twitter or Instagram? By “spammed”, I mean someone initiates a false conversation with you, but only gives you that attention so you can notice them in the first place? — this to me feels like selling my soul. Hypocritically, I am not a fan of light connections. A connection that is deep doesn’t measure itself in time necessarily, but in the way you talk with a person… What you talk about. I unfortunately don’t “person” much, I “people”. And it is hard for me to get close to anyone. Who are you, anyway? What’s your name? What’s your life like? Why are you reading me. Are you aware that I am writing to you?


GOOD NEWS. • Anyone following my videos and posts know I lack in tools to do what I do. This, and my general situation, is finally beginning to be reasonably helped…


  • Getting my old “octo-PC” in a huge box by post Wednesday. (Countdown indeed) this means MANY MORE VIDEOS to come (speed-paintings & Vlogs, even contests) Also, lots more socializing.

The “octo-PC” is the name I gave my old laptop. It’s rather funny… So broken that it’s physical body is literally useless to your touch. While it may require a screen, a mouse and a keyboard to be used at all, the old thing is still alive and will be ultra useful to me, in all that I do to share my art and my personality as an artist professionally.

In the box, there may be a few items from my past in Quebec. Will have to see what was able to fit…. My little brother also included some drawings that I can’t wait to put up on my wall. He draws action stick-figure comics, I will have to show you all some time.

  • Found a 3$ phone stand @ the Dollar store

fixing a huge important problem with filming anyhting I do (from speed-Art to Vlogs) No really, 40% of my frustrations (I raise my pinky, and raise that number to precisely 42.1% because I can) tend to come from not being able to hold my phone (the camera) in place. Having a phone with circular edges that barely works in the first place drop on you again and again is testing, especially when you’re trying to stick it to a rrandom cake pan, a thermal lunchbox, or even an actual oven. This had been being ridiculous until now. Finally, finally saved!!! I tested the plastic contraption yesterday with this speed-painting Instagram post: (LINK)

  • We have coffee (now we have coffee)

… Just saying. Having a coffee machine helps turn mornings into days. (Rightfully so.) (…yes – because time stops when mornings are coffee-less, it just turns into this huge quantum nightmare, and nothing makes any sense.)

  • Worked a bunch on my STUDIO -room (my future-“main workplace”)

It is now personalized. (-ing… Good enough. Always lots to be done. I enjoy this state of constant “to be continued”.) Features among others include original me-made wall decor. (DIY’s to come) So far this includes MANDALLAS that match the colours of the (unfortunately yellowed) walls, and HUNDREDS OF BOOK PAGES AS WALLPAPER. I plan on showing YouTube what you can do with your room, even if you barely have any money at all. Creativity shall be spread, once at least one of these is done.

  • I got to smoke for about a week

….. I can not describe how much of a relief this was. Like baptizing your home. Really, really appreciated. I felt privileged.


Back to boring-news. I have many new followers now, blank digits, hail me, the spam queen of phones. As fair intentioned and temporary as this process may be, it’s still pretty gross.

Hey you?

Save me, talk to me.

Show me your individualism.



1st speed-painting clip! + vlog (2 videos)

A brief speed-painting video with subtitle commentary. The first of many to come – this will be a thing I will establish. Regular speed-paintings.

A video-update from a couple days ago

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