Unexpected infiltrators; The travelling mind

HERE sits a Hobo, with a light-up gamer keyboard attached to her smartphone through an adaptor. HERE, being Starbucks. Here sits a hobo at Starbucks, drinking a “Venti”-size drink, typing away.

I’M DOING THE THING! The thing where you go to a fancy place and look fancy for an undetermined little while, however long or short the moment need-last. And as much as it is FUN, it is also a way for us (my little hobo-family nucleus) to keep my dog warm, away from the winter rain season going on out there. But more importantly, it’s a way for all 3 of us to get away from all kinds of sketchy people (sketchy being a euphemism for out-right harmful). This social-threat is comprised mainly of a city-dense clutter of addicts alike.

As much as the above-mentioned epidemic can (and will) be addressed indefinitely, HEY – – HEY! I’VE BEEN ACROSS CANADA, THOUGH. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey….

… When do I get to talk about that? Thing is, infiltrating yourself into society after society throughout is different when you start and end with nothing more than what is considered “nothing”. — Survival equipment, entertainment goods, clothes, trinkets that remind us of people we’ve met and places we’ve been. Occasionally, other freedom-seeking wanderers consider our accumulation of material possessions rather… superfluous. On the other hand,

city-folk will generally consider any mobilized load (big or small) decrepit just the same. (Either way:)

The bohemian lifestyle turns out to reveal so much more about societal hierarchies than anything else. How can you not notice benefits and issues in common from one place to the next (and the next)?

From one city/town to the next, there are those who are in charge, and those who are not, and all those in between, and that is where it all starts, I believe. It would be nice to imagine that the society is based on the people it comprises, but what I’m seeing is that societies are not shaped* democratically. They would be shaped democratically if the opinions of all were taken into some sort of fair account, a miraculous compilation of wiseness being used to sort every little thing out.

But with all societies, power is a tool that divides. So when figuring everything out, we ask ourselves “who’s in charge of that?” and “who should be in charge of that?”

Somehow it’s all come down to (or up to) the present-day, where I can’t make my mind up at all between what I would change and what I wouldn’t. Because the cities are too complex, and the country-sides, to me, are lacking. Complex why? Lacking in what?

These are the types of questions I will try to answer, by my will and under the attentive watch of a reading audience.

Join me! I look forward to the day that the comments on my articles go farther than the articles themselves. Let’s wonder about things & explore them together. You can dive in and dive out at any point. You can look down on the blog or you can look up to it from a place of percieved* unworthyness that I myself am all-too familiar with.

I pledge a friendly promiss: WE SHALL CONVERSE!

Grimely Gabby,

Social Scientist in disguise as a bum, shall delve on.