Can’t seem to sleep. I’ve spent all night on a very…

Can’t seem to sleep. I’ve spent all night on a very good cause. IFTTT.com gave me relief after 3 days of unsuccessfully searching for a way to share everywhere from one place. But that’s not very interesting to you. It is to me though, because I have a hard time posting anything anywhere while feeling bad that everything else is neglected, so I don’t generally bother at all with blogs or Facebook etc. Now everything is automatic, so I can concentrate on sharing with peeps freely, without discouragement.

Today I did a Twitch broadcast in the middle of the day rather than at night. It was glitchy, and I was quiet during the second half, but as I’ve taken the time to illustrate above, it has been fun and successful for the visual part. This is one of the funnest projects I’ve done. Been meaning to do crystal slices for something like a year. Spent allot of time and energy studying the behaviours visually and have spent some time understanding nature through documentaries. I’d even add that I’ve made mathematical equations in my spare time to understand Te General relation between things. Nothing extensive obviously (high school maths under my belt)(bleh) but enough that all of this makes ((some)) sense to me. Now I’m getting very close to owning a visual understanding of crystals.

Can’t seem to allow myself to sleep. Ever stay up manic out of determination to excel in your personal plans? I’m so glad I got a calendar, but I really miss sleeping pills… Heck, a week’s worth of Gravol would be great in itself.

I’d like to take some time in the future to post some of Kioki’s Art. Kioki is a unicorn and he has begun painting because of my stream. He is one of a few who’ve picked it up inspired by me and the hang out I’ve created and fed with acceptance, confidence and inspiration, but more important, a sense of honesty and interpersonal acceptance.

Back to kioki. He and his wife have hung my first sold painting in their home. It apparently catches the sunlight and glistens. I’ll never forget that little detail.

Kioki has recently sold his first painting, too. I’m proud for him and proud for myself. Sandwiched between my self pity, phases of pride seem to smother me increasingly. No more talk of emotions taking hold of me without consent; don’t be mistaken, I am shaping my life and balancing my emotions. Anti depressants help, and I am by no means at all in a date of perfect emotional health (myth) but… It’s looking good because I made it so.

(Knock on wood)

Assuming this long post sort of qualifies as a toast, to good things and the the future, I good you bid-night (aaaAAAaaa….)((I mean *zzZZZZZzzz…)) and I will surely write again soon.